Solar Optimizers

Solar Optimizers

In an off-grid or in the case of grid connected PV plants, different PV panels with same ratings are connected. The combined optimum power of these modules will rarely be equal to the sum of optimal power of each individual module due to several reasons such as soiling of panels, partial shadowing or non-uniform degradation of panels. A few underperforming modules in an array can result in loss of power for the entire string. This loss can be as high as 5-7% and can further escalate by non-uniform ageing of different panels.

Innovation in Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) brings you distributed MPPT solutions which addresses this concern. This solution helps optimize the energy generation per panel and prevents the performance of the entire string going down if one or more modules degrade.

In addition to optimization features, distributed MPPT Solutions come with monitoring capabilities that help monitor health of each panel and communicate vital panel parameters such as power/energy generated per panel, individual panel temperature, voltage and current, weather conditions.


  • Proprietary innovative, non-invasive architecture ensuring high reliability and lower cost
  • Peak efficiency as high as 99%
  • Power optimization without any module to module communication
  • Any Inverter / Module compatibility
  • Flexible solution for selective installation
  • Auto bypass in case of a faulty module
  • Over-load protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Rugged enclosure design
  • Rugged enclosure design


  • Recovers mismatch losses
  • Delivers more power in shading conditions
  • Prevents failed module from dropping a whole string
  • Makes array design easy
  • Allows mix-and-match of PV module types
  • No risk of module obsolescence
  • Highly cost effective solution helps realize lower cost of energy